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What to do about an unfair tax?

A compassionate and courageous Lady Godiva pleaded with her husband, lord of Coventry, England, to reduce the heavy taxes he imposed on the peasants. He agreed on condition that she ride through the town naked. A determined Christian, she asked all the people to remain indoors, and, clothed only in her long hair, she rode on her horse through the streets. She was much younger than her husband, and after his death Lady G became the landholder. She became the one to whom the peasants paid the taxes. For centuries, fairs were held to celebrate Lady Godiva's courage and caring to make life better for the people, even at her own expense.

Later, on another continent:

Agitating for an end to the British tax on tea, which was about to be more strictly enforced, American colonists dumped 340 chests of tea into Boston harbor.

Feel free to adapt this to celebrate other reductions in the food tax.
The Toast to Wyoming
celebrating the ending of the food tax by South Dakota's last food-taxing neighbor state
[Observed July 1, 2006, when food was exempted from tax for 2-years. This exemption was made permanent by the 2007 Wyoming legislature.]

Leader: Today we celebrate the wisdom of our neighboring states in not taxing the food that goes on their families’ tables, and in particular, we salute Wyoming, where the legislature recently decided to stop taxing groceries. As of July first, groceries are not now taxed in Wyoming or in any other state that borders South Dakota. But South Dakota continues to tax food, a tax equivalent to more than three weeks worth of groceries a year.

1. I raise a toast to Wyoming with a glass of milk.
Milk represents basic food groups - dairy products and proteins. We need them to grow and sustain our bodies, for growing children and strengthening bones. Yet milk is taxed in South Dakota. But today we celebrate the wisdom of our neighboring states in not taxing food.
Here’s to Wyoming and all our neighboring states for not taxing milk.

2. [parent with baby]
We toast Wyoming with this bottle of baby formula.
Baby formula means life to little babies! It is unconscionable that South Dakota taxes all baby formula and baby food. But today we celebrate states that don’t.
Here’s to Wyoming and our neighboring states for not taxing baby formula and baby food.

3. [two people together]
We raise a toast to Wyoming with orange juice and tomato juice.
These represent the fruits and vegetables we need for proper growth and functioning. We need five a day! But many people cannot afford fruits and vegetables, especially fresh ones, and the tax makes it even harder. So today we celebrate all South Dakota’s neighboring states for not taxing these basic necessities of life.
Here’s to Wyoming and all of our neighboring states for not taxing fruits and vegetables.

4. I toast Wyoming with sparkling grape juice. We know alcoholic beverages are not categorized as food, and thus, sales tax remains on them. But this glass represents the food and non-alcoholic beverages that are used in life’s celebrations. - the cake mixes, eggs, punch, nuts and the makings for sandwiches used for special occasions, like our children’s birthdays and graduations - milestones of life that need to be celebrated.
Here’s to Wyoming and all our neighboring states for not taxing these groceries.

5. [cancer survivor]
I toast Wyoming with “Ensure”. Nutrition supplements like this are used by frail elderly, and cancer patients, and often -people in their last weeks of life. It is outrageous that South Dakota taxes these special foods, and also all the food served in nursing homes. Nursing homes and sick people really need this tax money for other things.
But today, Here’s to Wyoming and all our neighbor states for not taxing nutrition supplements or food in nursing homes.

Leader: We raise our fervent hopes that one day South Dakota will end the odious tax on food.
Group: Our vision for South Dakota: No taxing food!

Leader: We cheer for all our neighboring states.
Group: Hooray for our neighbors! No taxing food!

Leader: We raise our glasses in a salute to Wyoming.
Group: Hooray for Wyoming! No taxing food!

# # #