Here are a few ways to help:

Help us build support to End the Tax on Daily Bread in South Dakota.
There is undoubtedly something that each one of us can do.

Talk it up! - both informally and at public meetings.

Write a letter to the editor.
Click here for Contact info for newspapers.

Get your church involved. Share concern about taxing food in discussions about hunger and Biblical justice. The Biblical tradition is to take a side on issues affecting people who struggle for the basic necessities of life itself! Ask your pastor and educators to lift up this issue.
NOTE: Acccording to the IRS rules for tax-exempt status, churches may not support a party or candidate. Urging an end to the food tax is speaking up on a moral issue. It is not an endorsement of any political party or candidate.

Make a flier for advocates. Include info about the food tax and contact info for the state legislators from your area. Put fliers in a noticeable place, such as near the coffee at work or church. Give them to friends.

Get info into your bulletins or newsletters. For the latest updates on info, email to , the email that seems to be working. Not this one: It is not working at the moment.

Call in to radio call-in shows.

Get on the email list for updates & alerts on this issue during the next few months. Email to:
This one is not working at the moment:

Financial support: Send a check to help support this campaign to:
Bread for the World-SD, PO Box 143, Sioux Falls SD 57101

Those in the struggle have a powerful gift to share, the gift of bringing reality to many people's minds and hearts. Encourage them to speak up. You could post info at your local food pantry and thrift store to encourage low- and middle-income people to speak up.

(And contribute to your local food pantry, remembering that some portion of the hunger in your community is state-sponsored hunger, i.e., the part of hunger caused by state policies. For many South Dakotans, the food tax is taking away 6% of their food. That is the equivalent of three weeks of food out of a year. Thus, the food tax is one of the causes of hunger in South Dakota.)

Students: Math, economics, sociology, social work, journalism, drama, religion classes could all be involved.

There is a remarkable set of photographs of refrigerators which are rather empty. If you can transport them, you may borrow them. Email us to schedule this exhibit. It is currently in Sioux Falls.

Submit other ideas for this list. Email them to

Please accept our sincere thanks for all your efforts
to bring an end to the unjust tax on groceries in South Dakota.

End the Food Tax

No one should have to pay a tax before they can eat.