There are many stresses that take a toll on disposable income...
"Then, when struggling families go to buy their food with what money
they do have for food, the sales tax displaces approximately 6% of their
food. No other tax so directly takes food off people's tables."

From "A Report to the Churches" from the Community Food Bank of South Dakota

In nearly every town in South Dakota,
the food tax is now equivalent to
more than three weeks worth of food out of a year


Did you know? Less than one-half percent more tax on non-food would be enough to cover what the state would lose if it stopped taxing food.

Some years, there is a bill in the state legislature to adjust the sales tax by shifting the tax off food and onto non-food sales. Unfortunately, ending the food tax has not been a high enough priority for a majority of state legislators.

But ending the food tax is sorely needed with prices so high on food and so many people experiencing tough times.

You can help. Everyone has a voice. Let it be known that the food tax is a cruel tax that needs to end.

Why now is a good time?
1. Food prices have never been so high.
2. According to Kids Count Data Center (2009), 42% of South Dakota children live in low-income families.
3. Every indication si that increasing numbers are struggling with family grocery bills.
4. Most states do not tax food, and none of South Dakota's neighbor states do so.


The poll tax was ended because no one should
have to pay a tax before they can vote.
Now it is time to end the food tax. No one should
have to pay a tax before they can eat.

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